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aContain Enterprise Data

The Secure Productivity Suite delivers a complete enterprise data loss prevention solution with consistent and seamless workflows. It is the only complete cloud-based solution for iOS, Android and Windows Phone that enables employees to securely access corporate data while preserving the mobile experience on their personal devices.

Separate your work and play

The Secure Productivity Suite keeps everything your users need for work in one secure environment with an easy-to-use app launcher. They can manage all their emails, contacts, calendars, enterprise applications and the Web from an isolated workspace on their mobile devices. With policies to control the movement of data, you can restrict sharing by users, forwarding of attachments, and copying and pasting. Devices that are lost, stolen or compromised can be selectively wiped to remove corporate data. Through a seamless dual persona style approach, you can put controls in place to manage your data without affecting the rest of the device. The Secure Productivity Suite is available for Windows Phone devices! Mobile360 is the platform to deliver secure email and secure browser container solutions for Windows Phones.

Customize a solution to fit your mobile security policy

SPS-General-as-Smart-Object-1Mobile360 provides IT teams a wide range of mobile security options to separate corporate and personal information across different categories of users, devices, data, and apps, all within the context of their business. This provides the flexibility to offer tiered or layered mobile security to address varied end user needs and IT security requirements.

For businesses that need stringent security policy and compliance controls, this can be especially helpful in making the BYOD experience more palatable for users.

With Mobile360, organizations can phase in BYOD and “right size” their mobile security investments for different classes of users, departments, geographies, devices and applications, and apply the technology approach that best meets the need of those use cases, all from a unified platform.

Available as a standalone solution without enrolling devices in MDM.  Ideal for BYOD programs or working with contractors, consultants and vendors, you can securely share and collaborate without needing to manage and control these devices.

Key benefits

  • Complete set of office productivity tools for viewing and sharing
  • Safely and securely support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Separate personal and corporate data
  • Reduce risk of sensitive data leakage
  • Leverage single sign-on for authentication
  • Persona policies can be set at the user-level. No matter the device an individual uses, their policies seamlessly follows them to grant entitlements, configure settings and apply security controls.
  • Enable online and offline compliance checks
  • Wipe suite container, app containers, enterprise profiles or whole device
  • Experience consistent and seamless workflows for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices
  • Use granular administrative controls and interactive, graphical reports

Components of the Secure Productivity Suite

The Secure Productivity Suite delivers:

Secure Mail

An intuitive office productivity app with email, calendar and contacts:

  • Controls emails and attachments to prevent data leakage
  • Conducts online and offline compliance checks prior to accessing email
  • Includes FIPS 140-2 compliant, AES-256 encryption for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Restricts forwarding, moving to other applications, and screen captures
  • Provides authentication, cut and paste restrictions, and view-only mode
  • Allows users to store attachments and send documents

Application Security

A mobile application container with full operational and security management to protect against data leaks:

  • Available as an easy-to-use app wrapper or SDK for integration
  • Enables authentication and device compliance checks
  • Provides data protection such as blocking cut, copy and paste, and limiting backups
  • Delivers real-time alerting of compliance violations and automated enforcement actions
  • App-level tunneling for secure access to corporate data without needing a device VPN

Secure Browser

A fully-functional web browser for iOS and Android devices to enable secure access to corporate intranet sites and enforce compliance of security and HR policies:

  • Allow access to corporate intranet sites and network without device VPN
  • Mobilise SharePoint, JIRA, internal Wikis, legacy ERP systems and more
  • Define URL filters and security policies based on categories
  • Block known malicious websites using a scanning engine and reputation database
  • Detailed reporting of policy violations with audit trail of blocked domains accessed
  • Restrict cookies, downloads, copy, paste, and print features to prevent data leaks
  • Disable native and third-party web browsers through app policy or blacklisting

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