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Data-intensive communications like text messaging and mobile email are rapidly exceeding voice-based usage on smartphones and tablets. In turn, mobile operators are changing their pricing plans to charge for every MB of data used. With mobile devices and apps now indispensable tools in business, CFOs are demanding that IT monitor and control usage to trim costs.

Proactive expense control for the mobile enterprise

Mobile360 for mobile expense management enables organizations to set corporate-wide expense policies, and to proactively monitor and track mobile data and application usage. Enterprises can now optimize their mobile spend and shift the accountability more to the business and individual employees.

Mobile360 provides IT, Finance and Operations with a secure, web-based console for managing wireless plans, data usage trends and policies without the need to deploy additional hardware or professional services. Mobile360 for mobile expense management makes it simple to access to real-time mobility intelligence, while increasing ROI with optimization strategies and cost control measures.

Mobile360 for mobile expense management provides:

  • Policies based on specific groups: Granular level policies can be set for both corporate-owned and employee-owned devices.
  • Policies restricting or limiting roaming: Enterprises can tie into their mobile device management (MDM) policies and restrict data usage based on context such as international roaming devices.
  • Usage monitoring, tracking and alerting: Administrator can set limits and alerts, and can view real-time data usage. Users can receive alerts to create behaviour modification.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities: Administrators can visualize usage across multiple attributes, analyze trending reports on usage over time and capture exception reporting.

Mobile Expense Management for the BYOD Generation

To save additional costs and increase productivity, organizations are allowing employees to bring their own devices to work.  Mobile360’s on-device application for iOS and Android provides easy-to-use self-service usage monitoring tools. Mobile workers can receive alerts when approaching data usage thresholds and recommendations to switch to alternative access networks such as free Wi-Fi.

Mobile360 also provides a cost overage estimator to calculate the anticipated cost per MB of overage, providing management with real-time business intelligence centered on cost reduction and savings. Individuals using personally owned mobile devices can monitor their data usage and receive alerts to prevent billing overages.

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