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Enable secure access to apps

Smartphones and tablets are transforming businesses by increasing productivity, raising efficiencies and improving customer satisfaction.  However, the proliferation of mobile devices can’t be left unchecked without securing sensitive enterprise data, especially in this BYOD era.

Apps are increasingly sources of corporate security vulnerabilities due to poor data storage practices, malware, unauthorized access, lack of encryption, and data leaks from synching.

Deploy, manage and secure apps

Mobile360 simplifies mobile application management by delivering an easy-to-use enterprise app catalog with full security and operational lifecycle management of apps across mobile device platforms.

Key benefits

  • Protect enterprise apps with full containerization
  • Increase employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Centrally manage mobile apps with web-based console
  • Safely and securely support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Reduce risk of sensitive data leakage
  • Enforce on-device access control and compliance with policies and regulations
  • Perform selective wipe on app catalog and managed apps
  • Use granular administrative controls and interactive, graphical reports
  • Reduce network load and increase app performance and scalability

Enterprise Application Catalogue

Provide an intuitive enterprise application catalogue for iOS and Android devices.

  • Deliver an exceptional end user experience
  • Enable users to instantly view apps available to them, install apps, and be alerted to update apps
  • Distribute a selection of public and enterprise apps
  • Use a secure, web-based console for managing and distributing apps

Mobile application lifecycle management

A platform to distribute, update, manage and secure both public and enterprise mobile apps.

  • Leverage best practice mobile app management workflows
  • Deliver apps and track their installation over the air to all users, groups of users or individual devices
  • Distribute multiple apps in app bundles, rather than one app at a time, for more efficient workflows
  • Publish app updates
  • Reference real-time app inventory reports
  • Integration with public app stores such as the Apple App Store and Google Play for seamless workflows

Mobile360 Mobile Application Security

A mobile application container for enterprise apps with full operational and security management.

  • Use a simple app wrapper or Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Authenticate users before accessing apps
  • Set a timeout for single sign-on across your apps
  • Enforce device compliance checks
  • Restrict copy and paste, as well as local and cloud data backups
  • Restrict open-in controls to a set of whitelisted apps
  • Receive real-time alerts of compliance violations
  • App-level tunneling for secure access to corporate data without needing a device VPN
  • Automatically deliver and update policies remotely to the app container based on user and device security posture

Mobile application compliance and enforcement

Security policies and automated enforcement rules to stop data leaks.

  • Blacklist, whitelist and set required apps
  • Limit native apps on a device (e.g., native browser)
  • Restrict access for jail-broken or rooted devices
  • Configure automated compliance enforcement actions
  • Take instant action through automation or manual intervention
  • Block email access, restrict network resources (e.g., no VPN) and perform a remote wipe
  • View graphical reports of security and compliance history

Mobile360 App Cloud

An option to host & distribute your enterprise mobile apps on a globally optimized app distribution network.

  • Reduce network load and increase app performance for users
  • Achieve maximum scalability

Support for volume purchase programs

Bulk app licenses for employees can be managed and tracked.

  • Purchase bulk app licenses and automatically upload redemption codes into Mobile360
  • Save money by retaining full ownership and control over VPP licenses of apps and books when users no longer need them
  • Distribute and install pre-paid apps without users needing to visit app stores
  • Track provisioning, manage licenses and monitor compliance

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