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icon7Unlock the Potential of Your Enterprise Systems and Content

With Mobile360 Mobile Enterprise Gateway, your organization can have simple, secure access to behind-the-firewall business resources, such as SharePoint, Windows File Share content, Intranet sites and app data, without requiring changes to your network, firewall security configuration or device VPN.

Mobilise SharePoint, Windows File Share, More!

The Enterprise Gateway enables collaboration while securing your content with authorisation, encryption and containerisation policies. It’s easy to set up, configure and maintain without additional hardware in your IT environment.

Key benefits

  • Enable secure mobile access to corporate data without device VPN
  • Mobilize SharePoint, Windows File Share and all of your Intranet sites
  • Leverage in-app VPN tunnels to your enterprise systems
  • Collaborate anytime, from anywhere
  • Protect sensitive corporate data with robust security policies, including authorisation, encryption and data leak prevention (DLP) controls
  • Provide access without requiring changes to your network or firewall security configuration

Experience true mobile enterprise collaboration

  • Access, view and share corporate content from SharePoint, Windows File Share and more through the Mobile360 App with Secure Document Sharing or Secure Browser
  • Collaborate on documents anytime, from anywhere, whether on corporate or personally-owned devices
  • Securely unlock the potential of intranet sites and internal apps such as JIRA, internal wikis, knowledge bases, legacy ERP systems and more using the Secure Browser

Control authorization and granular access

  • Ensure corporate data can only be viewed on authorised mobile devices
  • Fully encrypt communication between the gateway and devices
  • Enable or block individual devices and users within your organisation
  • Expose only selected content and applications to partners, contractors, etc.

Contain sensitive corporate data

  • Meet your strictest mobile security requirements
  • Protect data in an encrypted container
  • Set and enforce granular policies for strong mobile security and DLP controls
  • Stop outsiders from accessing sensitive data on mobile devices by enforcing authentication and enabling authorisation
    • Corporate data is never stored on mobile devices in an unencrypted format
    • Fully wipe a device and any confidential data if it’s lost or stolen
    • Our services only direct traffic between devices and the gateway; they cannot read any encrypted data traffic
    • Does not leave your network vulnerable to probes and attacks because it eliminates the need to expose a mobile application server to the public Internet
    • Does not require the use of a VPN, so you don’t have to worry about rogue apps on devices gaining access to your LAN
  • Stop insiders from inadvertently or maliciously sharing corporate data with DLP controls
    • Restrict copy/paste, opening documents in personal apps, printing and screen capture
    • Selectively wipe a device to remove just your enterprise data and apps if a device is rooted or jailbroken or an employee has left your organization

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