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Email is still the killer app on smartphones and tablets, but it can be a killer to your organization’s mobile security and compliance policies, too. Mobile360 contains business email and attachments to prevent corporate data leaks while keeping your employees productive on the go for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

Secure access to corporate email

Mobile360 Secure Mail delivers an office productivity app with email, calendar and contacts to allow employees to securely collaborate with colleagues while preserving the mobile experience on their corporate or personal devices.

As a foundational component of the Secure Productivity Suite it addresses key concerns of data loss risks.

Through authentication and authorization, only approved, valid users can access sensitive emails and data. With policies to control the flow of data, you can restrict sharing by users, forwarding of attachments and copying and pasting. Devices that are lost, stolen or compromised can be selectively wiped to remove the secure email container, all attachments and profiles.

Choose the right approach to securing email

Other solutions secure email by intercepting the email stream, removing attachments and loading them in a separate application. This ultimately leads to disjointed user experiences between the native email client and standalone applications that may just provide document viewing. Secure Mail works seamlessly within the Secure Productivity Suite to manage all emails, calendars, contacts, and attachments from one dedicated workspace on mobile devices, no matter who owns them. Users can stay productive with a consistent user experience from email handling to viewing, editing, saving and sharing documents. Secure Mail is available as a standalone solution without enrolling devices in MDM. Ideal for BYOD programs or working with contractors, consultants and vendors, you can securely share and collaborate without needing to manage and control these devices.

Key benefits

  • Safely and securely support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Separate personal and corporate data
  • Reduce risk of sensitive data leakage
  • Secure both corporate email text and attachments
  • Leverage single sign-on for authentication
  • Enable online and offline compliance checks
  • Wipe email container, enterprise profiles or whole device
  • Deliver a simple, intuitive user experience that won’t slow your workers down
  • Mobile360 has no access to confidential email data
  • Not in line with email data with no performance or outage risks

Key features

With Secure Mail, you can:

  • Secure emails (both text and attachments), calendars and contacts in a container
  • Enable authentication and block unauthorized email access
  • Conduct online and offline compliance checks prior to accessing email
  • Leverage FIPS 140-2 compliant, AES-256 encryption for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices
  • View attachments directly in the app
  • Control where files can be copied or moved
  • Restrict forwarding, move to other apps, copy, paste, and screen capture
  • Synchronize Tasks and manage Out of Office settings with Exchange
  • See optimal calendar views as list, day, week or year, depending on device and orientation
  • Selectively wipe attachments, even outside of email
  • Work in the Mobile360 Secure Productivity Suite to store, view and share content
  • Support cloud email, such as Office 365 and Gmail, because Mobile360 does not require an in line presence

Experience a FREE 30-day trial of our Mobile360 platform today, and prevent data leaks from your enterprise email on mobile devices.

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