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Laptop_Management_200x200Laptops – the original mobile device in your Enterprise Mobility Management strategy

Whether you’re optimizing your existing laptop management strategy or considering total enterprise mobility management to include smartphones and tablets, the challenges are the same: dealing with constantly changing users, devices and applications; preventing security risks and illegal information access; aligning user expectations; and asset management.

Complete Laptop Lifecycle Management

Our long-running expertise in addressing these challenges for laptops and desktops has resulted in best practices that simplify IT management and eliminate risk for all enterprise assets. For nearly a decade, we have been helping IT to seamlessly provision, integrate, manage, secure, monitor and support mobile assets — in a single solution, from a single portal. With Mobile360, a fast and simple deployment provides immediate access to everything you need to manage the entire laptop management lifecycle.

Device Management for Windows

We provide a self-service solution for Windows PC management. It is now easier and faster than ever for IT to support and manage the complete Windows PC lifecycle while ensuring security and compliance, all without the need for complex in-house infrastructure.

The Device Management for Windows delivers the Windows PC management functionality your IT staff needs to support the entire lifecycle. Managing Windows devices is now as easy as managing mobile devices from the same portal as for MDM.

We support Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8+, Windows 8+ Pro and Windows 10.

OS X Devices

Delivered as a self-service solution for OS X device management, we provide over-the-air enrollment, policy configuration, and visibility, control and reporting of your entire mobile IT environment — in a single solution, from a single portal for all your mobile devices.

Device management for OS X devices enables your IT staff to support the entire device lifecycle from the same portal as for MDM. You can gain up- to-the-minute information about devices, with no need for connectivity to the corporate network.

We support supports OS X 10.5 through 10.9.

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