Simplify management and security—across all enterprise devices, apps, documents, emails and web

The mobility explosion and complex device landscape are pressing realities today, and will only continue to grow. While laptops remain a leading device type, the modern business environment is multi-platform, consisting of desktops, smartphones and tablets, all with different operating systems.  Mobile apps and access to work emails and documents on these devices are increasingly challenging organizations to balance employee productivity with data security.

True 360° Enterprise Mobility Management

What if you could manage all your users, devices and data from a single console—one that provides instant visibility into who is connecting to your corporate data and with which devices?

You can. Mobile360 offers scale, control and security across all devices and mobile platforms.  Total enterprise mobility management by user, device, application, and across your enterprise is the only way to gain a true 360° view of mobility, so you can take action with just a few clicks.

For customers ranging from large enterprise companies and government agencies to small and medium enterprises across all industries, Mobile360 reinvents the way to manage and secure all devices—laptops, smartphones, tablets and whatever’s coming next.

  • Easy-to-use interface: Provision, secure and manage all devices from a single portal with a single view of multiple devices.
  • Total enterprise mobility management approach: Work with the apps, documents and devices that you already have (or will have in the future). Users are never locked into using one device.
  • Centralized policy supervision: Reduce management time with true visibility into the activity and status of each device and user.
  • Secure containers: Secure sensitive emails, documents, apps and data without compromising privacy, even on employee-owned devices.
  • Reporting and analytics: Complete visibility to manage both personal and corporate devices

Two delivery options get you started quickly and provide no-fuss maintenance, effortless scaling and continuous support

Mobile360 can be hosted on your own servers or in the cloud. Either way you get the same award-winning functionality that’s easy to set up and use.

Our cloud and hosted models are most popular, providing a true on-demand service built on a secure, multi-tenant architecture. It offers immediate insight and control without the added costs and complexities of deploying hardware and software, dealing with intricate configurations, and dedicating additional resources to create and support the solution on an ongoing basis.

Our on-premises model gives you a virtual appliance to deploy in your own environment, whether it is behind the corporate firewall or not.

Either way, you can:

  • Deploy quickly and easily: With just a few clicks you can start enrolling devices. Get productive immediately with everything you need to manage the entire mobile device lifecycle—from enrollment to security, monitoring, application management and support.
  • Pay as you go: Start managing a small group of users now, and scale from 10 to 100,000 users as your needs change.