Manage Devices and Apps to Improve Customer Service

Many retailers are turning to mobile collaboration to enhance the customer experience and reduce checkout time. Real-time access to inventory and product apps increase service levels while improving productivity and job fulfilment. However, IT must ensure that they are managed properly so sensitive corporate—and customer—data is kept secure.

Mobile360 Solves the Challenges of Mobility in Retail Organizations

Since customer-facing employees are increasingly accepting payment via tablets and smart phones, consumers expect that retailers have the highest security measures in place to protect their information.

Mobile360 for Retail gives you the best time-to-solve your mobile security  challenges in the industry by mitigating risks for retailers and meeting regulatory requirements to ensure the confidentiality of customer or supply chain information.

Mobile360 helps organizations secure sensitive information, prevent data leaks, and comply with regulations including SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act), PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and POPI (Protection of Personal Information).

Using Mobile360, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), and document and expense management can be easily and quickly integrated into broader enterprise programs for IT governance, data security and regulatory compliance.

Visibility and Control

  • Support a multi-OS strategy (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Windows and OS X)
  • Monitor and manage all mobile devices, apps and documents from a single console
  • Quarantine new devices automatically until authorized to access your network
  • Remotely locate, block or wipe (full and selective) devices that are lost or stolen, or are no longer authorized
  • Authenticate against Active Directory/LDAP, one-time passcode or SAML
  • Push email, Wi-Fi and VPN profiles over-the-air (OTA)

Security and Compliance

  • Monitor “My Alert Center” for devices that are out of compliance with policies
  • Enforce passcode protection, device encryption levels and security policies automatically
  • Set usage policies customized to specific teams or departments
  • Specify enforcement rules including active alerts, email blocking, device restriction (e.g. no VPN) and remote wipe
  • Enable the Secure Productivity Suite to contain emails, calendars, contacts, apps, documents & Web access
  • Use a Dual Persona approach to separate work from personal data
  • Leverage Secure Browser to enforce security & HR policy compliance & provide access to corporate intranet sites

 Mobile Application Management

  • Distribute apps across multiple platforms to all users, groups of users, or individual devices
  • Manage an integrated enterprise app catalog of authorized private and public apps
  • Allow users to instantly view apps available to them, install apps, and be alerted to update apps
  • Limit a device to one app by disabling the Home button for iOS devices (e.g., “kiosk” or “single app” mode)
  • Wrap private apps with a mobile app container to enable authentication and compliance checks
  • Restrict copy/paste and limit backups
  • Host private apps on corporate network or on the Mobile360 AppCloud, a globally optimized app distribution network

Secure Document Distribution

  • Manage documents, distributions and policies centrally and securely through an integrated document catalog
  • Enable users to view, create, edit, save and share content centrally and securely, all from an encrypted container
  • Add native device hardware-level encryption, passcodes and remote wipe of documents on lost or stolen devices
  • Set policies on certain documents to restrict them from being emailed from corporate or personal accounts
  • Generate in-depth reports on documents, users, and devices to monitor status and usage
  • Host documents on corporate network or on the Mobile360 Doc Cloud, a globally-optimized document distribution network

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