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Manufacturers today are faced with constant market pressure to remain lean, reduce the product development cycle and improve customer focus. Many companies have already realized that increased mobility, when managed effectively and securely, can empower employees to achieve such business goals.

As a result, IT is faced with the challenges of managing a variety of device types and policies, as well as supporting mobile versions of the apps on which the business runs.

Mobile360 Solves the Challenges of IT Consumerisation in Manufacturing

Mobile360 for Manufacturing give you the best time-to-solve your mobile security challenges by delivering total enterprise mobility management that protects company, customer, supplier and product data, ensures compliance with regulatory and technical requirements, and provides the flexibility to allow different devices to meet different user needs. And because it is in the cloud, deployment is quick and easy, employees are always using the latest app versions, and you can provide device management and support in locations without physical IT staff.

While today’s mobile technologies allow workers to instantly see assets, labor, inventory and processes at the swipe of a finger, or track and streamline day-to-day operations on the go, they also carry security risks for confidential customer data, product plans and trade secrets.

Visibility and Control

  • Support a multi-OS strategy (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Windows and OS X)
  • Monitor and manage all mobile devices, apps and documents from a single console
  • Quarantine new devices automatically until authorized to access your network
  • Authenticate against Active Directory/LDAP, one-time passcode or SAML
  • Push email, Wi-Fi and VPN profiles over-the-air (OTA)
  • Remotely locate, block or wipe (full and selective) devices lost, stolen or no longer authorized

Security and Compliance

  • Monitor devices that are unknown or out of compliance with security policies and determine whether to quarantine
  • Enforce passcode protection, device encryption levels and security policy automatically
  • Create custom usage policies for specific teams or departments
  • Specify enforcement rules including active alerts, email blocking, device restriction (e.g., no VPN) and remote wipe
  • Enable the Secure Productivity Suite to contain emails, calendars, contacts, apps, documents & Web access
  • Use a Dual Persona approach to separate work from personal data
  • Leverage Secure Browser to enforce security & HR policy compliance & provide access to corporate intranet sites
  • Execute a comprehensive security approach aligned with regulatory mandates, such as PCI DSS, ITAR or EAR
  • Reduce the burden of compliance requirements with historical data, detailed reporting and Mobile Intelligence analytics

Mobile Application Management

  • Manage an integrated agency app catalog of authorized private and public apps
  • Traditional manufacturing apps, such as those that manage logistics, inventory, assets, field service, and sales
  • Essential enterprise apps like ERP, BI, CRM, MES and WMS
  • Custom apps, which can be protected with Application Security for authentication and data leak prevention
  • Deliver apps OTA to all users, groups of users or individual devices
  • Set security policies to whitelist, blacklist and require apps on devices
  • Wrap private apps with a mobile app container to enable authentication and compliance checks
  • Restrict copy/paste and limit backups
  • Host private apps on a your network or on the Mobile360 App Cloud, a globally optimized application distribution network

Secure Document Distribution

  • Manage documents, distributions and updates centrally and securely through an integrated document catalog
  • Enable users to view, create, edit, save and share content securely, all from an encrypted container
  • Block sensitive documents from being opened in file sharing or word processing apps for data leak prevention
  • Set policies on specific documents restricting emailing from corporate or personal accounts
  • Restrict cutting and pasting content
  • Delete outdated documents remotely
  • Host documents on corporate network or on the Mobile360 Doc Cloud, a globally-optimized document distribution network

See and experience these robust security and compliance features now by starting your FREE 30-day trial of our Mobile360 100% Cloud-based platform, giving you the industry’s instant access to start enrolling mobile devices in minutes.

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