Manage Devices, Apps, Content and Web Access for the Classroom

A recent Forrester study found that the number of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices has already eclipsed traditional PCs at educational institutions. Textbooks are quickly being replaced with e-books, and one laptop per child is becoming one tablet per child. At the same time, stretched-thin IT resources and budgets are expected to “cover” mobile device management in order to mitigate data risk and ensure appropriate usage.


Mobile360 Solves the Challenge of Mobility in Education

Virtual learning involves apps that are part of the lesson plan and faculty-owned devices. While these apps can improve the education experience, they also increase risk of security breaches for confidential information, including financial data, student grades and medical information.

Mobile360 helps organizations enable focused learning, secure sensitive information, prevent data leaks, and comply with CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act), POPI (Protection of Personal Information), PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and other regulations.

Using Mobile360 Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Document and Expense Management, and Secure Browser, you can substantially reduce the IT workload and cost of managing mobile devices, apps, documents and Web access.

Visibility and Control 

  • Support a multi-OS strategy (Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and more)
  • Monitor and manage all school devices, apps and documents from a single console
  • Quarantine new devices automatically until authorized to access your network
  • Authenticate against Active Directory /LDAP, one-time passcode or SAML
  • Push email, Wi-Fi and VPN profiles over-the-air (OTA)
  • Remotely locate, block or wipe (full and selective) devices that are lost, stolen or no longer authorized

Security and Compliance

  • Monitor “My Alert Center” for devices that are out of compliance with security policies
  • Enforce passcode protection, device encryption levels and security policy automatically
  • Set usage policies customized to specific departments or classes
  • Reduce the burden of compliance requirements with historical data, detailed reporting and Mobile Intelligence analytics

Mobile Application Management

  • Distribute apps across multiple platforms that are critical to your users
  • Manage an integrated app catalog of authorized private and public apps, either centrally by IT or other departments
  • Benefit from integration with bulk purchasing plans, such as the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)
  • Set security policies to whitelist, blacklist and require apps on devices
  • Enable iCloud controls to prevent app backups
  • Wrap private apps with a mobile app container to enable authentication and compliance checks
  • Restrict copy/paste and limit backups.

Secure Document Distribution

  • Manage documents, users, access controls, distributions and policies centrally
  • Enable users to securely access, view, share and edit educational and policy documents (i.e., class schedules, e-textbooks)
  • Add an extra layer of security with encryption, passcodes and remote wipe of documents on lost or stolen devices
  • Block sensitive documents from being opened in file sharing or word processing apps for data leak prevention
  • Delete outdated documents remotely
  • Host documents on institution network or on the Mobile360 Doc Cloud, a globally-optimized document distribution network

Secure Browser

  • Block known malware and malicious websites using a scanning engine and reputation database
  • Restrict URLs by category, including Social Networking, Games, Chat and more, and allow access to specific URLs
  • Enable secure access to your institution’s intranet sites and network without device VPN
  • Disable cookies, printing, file downloads and copy/paste
  • Receive customizable, real-time alerts
  • Provide an intuitive user interface with tabbed browsing, bookmarks, search, share and history

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