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FISMA-certified for Mobile Peace of Mind

The exploding use of mobile devices by government workers challenges IT departments at National, Provicial and local levels. Parastatals can now secure and continuously monitor mobile devices, apps and documents with Mobile360—the first and only cloud-based MDM solution certified and accredited under the Federal Information Security and Management Act (FISMA).  Mobile360 is the best way to enable mobile security for devices, applications and documents with real-time visibility, monitoring and automated enforcement.

Secure devices and data while controlling costs

According to recent surveys, most government IT professionals say they lack the necessary tools to manage mobile devices effectively.  The drain on IT resources to secure and manage all mobile platforms for agency and personal devices can be overwhelming—and expensive.  And efforts can still fall short of meeting rigid security requirements.

Mobile360 for Public Sector gives government at all levels and parastatals the best time-to-solve their mobile security challenges and comply with the latest requirements and government initiatives.

The MobileFirst Protect software from IBM used in our solution, is the only platform to achieve SOC 2 Type II compliance, and information is transmitted over SSL3.0/TLS1.0 with certificates from DigiCert using FIPS140-2 (Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 140-2) compliant encryption modules.

Governement and parastatals’ customers can trust Mobile360 to manage and secure their devices, apps and documents.

Visibility and Control

  • Support a multi-OS strategy (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Windows and OS X)
  • Monitor and manage mobile devices, apps and documents from a single console
  • Quarantine new devices automatically until authorized to access your network
  • Authenticate against Active Directory/LDAP, one-time passcode or SAML
  • Push email, Wi-Fi and VPN profiles over-the-air (OTA)
  • Remotely locate, block or wipe (full and selective) devices lost, stolen or no longer authorized

Security and Compliance

  • Monitor “My Alert Center” for devices that are out of compliance with security policies
  • Enforce passcode protection, device encryption levels and security policy automatically
  • Ensure jailbroken or rooted devices are not compromising the organization
  • Set usage policies customised to specific teams or departments
  • Ensure continuous monitoring of technical safeguards and monthly reporting in accordance with FISMA requirements
  • Apply contextual, event-based policy, security and compliance rules engine and automation
  • Enable the Secure Productivity Suite to contain emails, calendars, contacts, apps, documents & Web access
  • Use a Dual Persona approach to separate work from personal data
  • Leverage Secure Browser to enforce security & HR policy compliance & provide access to corporate intranet sites
  •  Reduce the burden of audits with historical data documenting compliance with regulations and policies
  • Integrate Mobile Device Management into broader agency programs for IT governance and information security

Mobile Application Management

  • Manage an integrated agency app catalog of authorized private and public apps
  • Deliver apps OTA to all users, groups of users, or individual devices
  • Set security policies to whitelist, blacklist and require apps on devices
  • Control access to government apps with capabilities to wipe apps from unauthorized devices
  • Enable iCloud controls to prevent app backups
  • Wrap private apps with a mobile app container to enable authentication and compliance checks
  • Restrict copy/paste and limit backups
  • Host private apps on agency network or on the Mobile360 AppCloud, a globally optimized app distribution network

Secure Document Distribution

  • Manage documents, distributions and updates centrally and securely through an integrated catalog
  • Enable users to view, create, edit, save and share content centrally and securely, all from an encrypted container
  • Add an extra layer of security with encryption, passcodes and remote wipe of documents on lost or stolen devices
  • Block sensitive documents from being opened in file sharing or word processing apps for data leak prevention
  • Set policies on certain documents to restrict them from being emailed from agency or personal accounts
  • Alert users on new or updated content in their document catalog
  • Host documents on agency network or on the Mobile360 Doc Cloud, a globally-optimized document distribution network

See and experience these robust security and compliance features now by starting your FREE 30-day trial of our Mobile360 100% Cloud-based platform, giving you the industry’s instant access to start enrolling mobile devices in minutes.

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