Mobile360 Benefits

Mobile360Mobile360 Benefits

Why Mobile360

Simplifying enterprise mobility management

Mobile360 lets you provision, secure and manage your mobile devices, apps and content—all from a single portal—while minimizing risk to your organization. We make the complex world of mobility simple by giving you a global mobile infrastructure without the burden of a large financial investment.

The bottom-line benefits and enhanced productivity affect every aspect of your business—finance, IT, operations and the end users—delivering true 360° value.

Mobile360: true 360° value across the enterprise


Reduce the costs of supporting mobile workers while maintaining control over all mobile devices.

  • Minimize deployment and maintenance costs with no consultants required for implementation and no IT resources needed to continually update the solution.
  • Embrace Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and save the enterprise device procurement and data plan costs associated with each user.
  • Cloud based MDM lets you realize the power and security of on-premises tools without high licensing, deployment and maintenance costs.
  • Reap the benefits of a pay-as-you-go model, and only use the exact Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities you need.
  • Comply with regulations and reduce risk and potential fines with comprehensive security and audit features.
  • Automate time- and resource-intensive mobile device management tasks, while increasing IT productivity.


Simplify IT management with a single portal to monitors and control your entire mobile operation.

  • Tightly integrate into existing email, messaging and authentication environments such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Active Directory, Lotus Notes, and Certificate Authorities.
  • Centralize policy management and control across multiple platforms, without a limit on how many devices you can manage.
  • Gain faster access to new capabilities without any additional effort, freeing limited IT resources to focus on other projects.
  • Benefit from service level guarantees, including uptime, backup and disaster recovery for business continuity without redundant installations.
  • Provide different levels of role-based access to the various departments responsible for individual areas of device lifecycle management.
  • Use custom attributes to track asset information, such as ownership, purchase/warranty details, and department/business unit.


Implement a policy that balances employee productivity and security for your business.

  • Gain unprecedented mobility intelligence through a simple, clean interface and powerful dashboards with analytics and reporting.
  • Create and manage granular level security policies for individuals, groups, devices, context, and location based on role or work style.
  • Transform businesses through anytime, anywhere, secure access to information.
  • Users can select the devices that best meet their individual needs, including personally-owned devices.
  • Empower more efficient and effective workers for faster decision making and better customer service.

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